A number of neighborhood groups and business organizations along the Universities Corridor have chosen to officially support a Richmond alignment. These groups — and the residents and business that make them up — know that light rail can improve our neighborhoods, strengthen our businesses, and make our city a better place to live.

Houston Chronicle

After observing the debate about rail on Richmond, the Houston Chronicle’s editorial board chose to support a Richmond alignment

It’s time to replace heated rhetoric and scare tactics with a review of the facts regarding how best to secure the greatest good for the greatest number of Houston residents. … Running the proposed University light rail line on Richmond makes the most sense … It would be unfortunate if opponents in Afton Oaks deprived their community of an asset that many other neighborhoods in Houston would pay to possess.

Given the demonstrated mobility benefits that the University line will provide Culberson’s west side constituents and the prodigious efforts Metro made to address citizen concerns, Culberson should weigh carefully the opposition of a few constituents versus the transit needs of the entire city and region.

No infrastructure project will please everyone, but the University line is essential to reduce congestion and pollution in Houston. It must not be ensnared in petty politics that ignore Houston’s pressing mobility needs.

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Neartown Association

The Neartown Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit umbrella civic organization representing 22 member civic clubs, four of which abut Richmond Avenue. Neartown is home to more than 30,000 Houstonians.and is bounded by US-59, Shepherd Drive, Buffalo Bayou, and Spur 527.

Neartown has taken the position that a Richmond Avenue alignment would provide the most benefit to our neighborhood in terms of accessibility and ridership. A Richmond alignment would connect the universities, including St. Thomas, also the Menil, Greenway Plaza and ultimately, the Galleria.

(President’s Forum)

Richwood Place Civic Association

Richwood Place is an historical neighborhood bordered by US-59 on the south,
Richmond Avenue on the north, South Shepherd on the west and Dunlavy on the east. This neighborhood has been an important part of Houston history since its inception in the 1920s.

Based upon the final three options approved for further analysis by Metro for the western segment, Richwood Place Civic Association fully endorses and supports the “Cummins” option.

We believe that rail on Richmond Avenue through our neighborhood offers the most benefit to the greatest number of residents and stakeholders within Richwood Place.

The Cummins option best supports our desire for neighborhood friendly rail, maximizes ridership and appears to be the most cost effective solution.

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St. George Place

St. George Place, formerly Lamar Terrace, is located in the heart of the Uptown/Galleria area and is home to nearly 600 families. St. George Place is bounded by Richmond, South Rice, West Alabama, and Chimney Rock.

In 30 years we will not be concerned about the current debate; instead we will have line that works because it directly connects major activity areas … or doesn’t. St. George Place arrived at its conclusions openly and honestly (without fear and misinformation). The line would come directly in front of some of our homes, and yet we see the line as a positive by adding mobility and overall value to Houston. We demand that our leaders, especially Senator Hutchinson and Congressman Culberson, actively support and work to ensure Houston gets federal funding for a light-rail alignment along Richmond Avenue all the way to Hillcroft.

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Richmond Revitalization Group

An organization of area business owners, property owners, and homeowners who work together to improve the quality of life along Richmond Avenue.

… applaud METRO’s efforts to place the University Corridor Light Rail System down Richmond Avenue. It is our organization’s hope that METRO will connect the downtown light rail lines with the entire western side of our city, all the way out to Fort Bend County as soon as is humanly possible.

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Friends of Mandell Park

Mandell Park is a City of Houston park located in the 1500 block of Richmond between Mandell and Graustark in the Castle Court neighborhood. Friends of Mandell Park is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the park

The position taken by the Board of Directors of Friends of Mandell Park is to support rail on Richmond Avenue in the area of Mandell Park provided that a station is located within the 1400-1500 block of Richmond Avenue.

It is also our position that having a station 1400-1500 block of Richmond would be very beneficial to not only Mandell Park, but also to the Menil Museum, St Thomas University, and local businesses.

We also believe that the rail system can and should be built with concern for the aesthetics of Richmond Avenue and that every effort should be made to design the rail system to preserve the trees and plants in both the esplanades and along the sidewalks and to make the sidewalks more walker friendly.

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Museum Area Municipal Association (MAMA)

Neighborhood group representing over 1,100 homes in the Museum District area.

With this criterion in mind, as well as the best interest of our own neighborhood, the membership
of the Museum Area Municipal Association supports construction of the University Corridor along Richmond west of Main St.

The route is direct, logical and straightforward in its geographic connection of the major employment centers of the universities, Greenway Plaza and the Galleria. Indeed, twenty years from today, riders will appreciate the good sense of this plan. They will not ask, as they would if the Westpark route were to be selected, why the route veers away from this direct connection.

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Boulevard Oaks Civic Association

Represents 1,200 properties south of 59 between Greenbriar and the Museum District.

We believe that the issue of expanding the public transit system is crucial to the future of the City due to a burgeoning population, increasing densities and a growing population segment with limited mobility options. Failure to do so will result in congestive gridlock, flight from the City and reduction in tax base.

BOCA currently supports placement of the University Line on Richmond Avenue between Edloe on the west and Main Street on the east. The routes selected east of Main Street and west of Edloe should be determined after further careful study by METRO and input from all affected parties.

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Gulf Coast Institute

The Gulf Coast Institute was founded to explore urban issues and to inform the discussion of growth in the Houston Gulf Coast Region. Its offices are at 3015 Richmond, between Kirby and Greenway Plaza.

The Institute was perhaps the earliest to call for looking at Richmond as an alignment option for this line several years ago. At the present, we are still convinced it is the best option to achieve the strategic regional goal of linking our biggest activity centers with high-quality transit.

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Greater Houston Partnership

The Greater Houston Partnership is the primary advocate of Houston’s business community and is dedicated to building regional economic prosperity.

The Greater Houston Partnership will continue to support METRO as it completes the analysis. We encourage METRO to select the most financially competitive, technically competent alignment that maximizes ridership potential to best serve the greater Houston community. Once alignments are chosen, we will continue to advocate for full federal funding of the expansion.

(Letter from Chairman of Transportation and Infrastructure Advisory Committee)

West Houston Association

The first suburban development group chartered in Houston, WHA has aggressively pursued public policies that enhance quality growth, quality of life and economic development in our tri-county area of interest, covering over 850 square miles.

The Board believes that the most financially competitive, technically competent alignment that maximizes ridership potential will best serve the greater Houston community and should be chosen by METRO. The needs of the overall community should come before the desires and interests of a small group of residents and businesses. While their interests should be considered, these individual interests must not dictate progress for the community as a whole.

(Issue Brief and Letter to Culberson)

Menil Foundation

The Menil Collection is a unique museum environment located in the Montrose-area Museum District housing the collection of John and Dominique de Menil. The museum building is the centerpiece of a neighborhood featuring satellite gallery spaces and related cultural instituitons set in a parklike setting. The Menil Foundation owns and manages more than 500 apartments including Richmont Square, and controls 1,000 feet of frontage on Richmond Avenue

On behalf of the Board and management of The Menil Foundation we strongly urge Metro to locate the line on Richmond.

The Menil has had a number of preliminary discussions with Metro regarding a rail stop near the Menil and the University of St. Thomas–say, at Richmond and Mandell, or Richmond and Graustark–and we strongly support such a decision.”

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Museum District Business Alliance

Represents businesses in Neartown, including Richmond between Shepherd and Spur 527.

We thank you and METRO for your efforts to seek out and accommodate the concerns of the businesses and people in your service areas for new lines, especially the University Line. MDBA has taken this effort on your part very seriously and is responding in the spirit of trust and confidence that our concerns will be accommodated.
Based on our study of METRO’s preliminary alignment we support the Richmond Avenue route.

(full letter)

American Institute of Architects (AIA), Houston

Professional organization for more than 1,500 architects and other design professionals in the greater Houston area. Its mission includes service to members and to the public.

The American Institute of Architects Houston emphatically recommends that the University Corridor light rail line under consideration by Metro be placed along Richmond Avenue .

The Richmond alignment is the best for all citizens of Houston because it will do a far better job of connecting them with centers of commerce than any other proposed alignment.

(full letter)

In addition to the groups who have submitted formal letters of support (see above on this page), individual members of many diverse organizations have also signed our petition:

AIA Houston
ASTD Houston
BeringOmega Community Services
Beverly Hill Townhouses Council
Boulevard Oaks Civic Association
Briarmeadow HOA
Castle Court Neighborhood Association
Chevy Chase Civic Club
Courts of St. George Homeowners Association
Cresmere Place
Cultural Arts Council of Houston/HarrisCounty
Dance Source Houston
Democracy For Houston
Edgemont Civic Association
Emerging Leaders of Houston
First Montrose Commons
First Ward Civic Association
Friends of Mandell Park
Grassroots: Art in Action
Greater Heights Chamber of Commerce
Greater Houston CVB
Greater Houston Partnership
Gulf Coast Institute
Greater SW Houston Chamber
Health Is Power
Hermann Park Conservancy
Houston Chronicle
Houston Climate Protection Alliance
Houston Downtown Alliance
Houston Executive Roundtable
Houston GLBT Political Caucus
Houston Mod
Houston Sierra Club
Houston Strategies
Houston/Gulf Coast Section of the American Society of Landscape Architects
Howdy Club
Il Palazzo Condo Association
Lakewood Church
Lancaster Place Civic Association
Mandell Place Civic Association
Midtown Management District
Mimosa Place Townhome Association
Montrose Blvd Conservancy
Morningside Place Civic Association
Mothers for Clean Air
Museum Area Municipal Association (MAMA)
Museum District Business Alliance
National Charity League
National Investor Relations Institute
Neartown Association
NHA Transportation Committee
North Corridor Coalition for High-Capacity Transit
North Edgemont Civic Association
North Montrose Civic Assn
Northampton Place Homeowners Assoc
OilPatch Democrats
Oral Hearing Loss Advocacy
Park Civic Association
Pct 282 Dem Party Chair
Pct 60 Judge
Pr Roseland Estates Civic Assn
Quadrille Ballroom Dance Club
Quality of Life Coalition
Rice Alumni
Richmond Avenue Merchants Association
Richmond Revitalization Group
Roseland Estates Civic Association
Southampton Civic Club
Southampton Townhomes Property Owners Association
St. George Place Civic Association
Sunset Terrace Civic Association
Sunset Terrace Montclair Association
The Childrens Charity of Houston
The Menil Collection
Touch Family Church
Trinity Lutheran Church
ULI Young Leaders
University of Houston
University Place
Upper Kirby District
Urban Harvest
Urban land Institute
West Houston Association
Whitehall Club
Winsome Townhome Association