Our Vision and Principles

We want to preserve and enhance the quality of life and vitality of our neighborhoods, businesses, and institutions. We want to ensure the long term quality and success of our neighborhoods through the development of light rail along Richmond Avenue from Main Street to its connection with the Uptown line and beyond.

What and How

  • We must make sure our collective voices are heard in support of light rail on Richmond Avenue.
  • We will develop and disseminate accurate information (truth) in support of the best decisions for Richmond Avenue.
  • We want to enable a vision of Richmond Avenue that celebrates mobility, thriving businesses and mixed use neighborhoods within a pedestrian friendly environment.
  • We must hold Metro and the City of Houston accountable for assuring the well being of businesses along Richmond during the difficult phases of construction and transition

Who We Are

  • We are residents and business owners living and working on or near Richmond.
  • We are civic leaders and professionals with a stake in Houston’s quality of life and economic vitality.
  • We are landowners and institutions with a specific interest in the long term health of Richmond Avenue.

Why We Have Come Together

  • Our commitment is to the quality of life in our neighborhoods.
  • We want to be in connected, walk-able, livable neighborhoods with good sidewalks and streets.
  • We want to have choices when it comes to mobility.
  • We are committed to the future generations of Houston.
  • We are committed to improving our air quality and environment.
  • We want more places for people, not more homes and businesses bulldozed for traffic lanes and parking lots.
  • We want to preserve and add to our parks and open spaces in lieu of adding more concrete.
  • Mobility challenges are staring us in the face. We must connect entire city for this will be our urban backbone. We must connect the multiple centers of commerce.
  • We believe in the economic future of Houston. We must be competitive: regionally and globally.
  • We must understand the real costs of automobile dependency and achieve more energy independence.

The Next Step

Join us! But first – sign an electronic petition of support at RichmondRail.org. Tell us why rail is important to you. Tell us why rail is important to our neighborhoods and to Houston. Tell us what you can do to help. And hear what your neighbors are thinking and saying.