A good first week

We appreciate everyone who came out to the meetings this past week. Our green “I want to ride the train to…” name tags were prominent in the audience. We think we made it clear that there many in the neighborhood who want a well-designed rail line on Richmond and who would ride it to places like the Medical Center, the Menil, and Pappasito’s.

We were also pleased that the tone of the meetings was different than we’ve seen before. Thanks to the format — questions with answers by METRO staff — the focus was on facts, not vitriol (though there was some of that). The same anti-rail people we’ve heard from over and over at these meetings were there. But they didn’t make up most of the audience; there were also people there who had concerns but were open to how those concerns could be dealt with, and there people who want better transit and are willing to speak out for it.

You will see us at more of these meetings (list at http://metrosolutions.org/go/doc/1068/113162/) But we’re still organizing, and we can use your help. Email us at doug@richmondrail.org to join us in fighting for neighborhood-friendly rail. And tell us where you’d like to ride the train.

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