Larry Katz

As a property owner with a financial services business on Richmond Avenue, I support “Rail on Richmond.”

Richmond Avenue represents a major east-west artery for Houstonians. The rail will reduce automobile traffic and emissions while providing greater mobility. The people who live, work, and patronize merchants in the area will benefit greatly. Without rail we will likely see an increase in automobile traffic and ultimately adding more lanes to Richmond. Widening the street will obviously result in some property loss to landowners and reduced customer parking on Richmond Avenue.

With due regard to projected costs and funding, I think the only logical and viable corridor for the proposed rail route is along Richmond to Cummins to Westpark. It improves mobility between Greenway Plaza and Downtown and the Medical Center. For the inexpensive price of a rail ticket you can save time and money traveling to those destinations. In addition to reduced congestion, rail will eliminate the frustration associated with limited and high-priced parking in those areas.

Any delay in this project will increase future expenditures to improve mobility in an ever-growing metropolitan area. Houston is already 20 years behind the times when it comes to mass transit. For the good of all Houstonians, we deserve an overall rail system comparable to the ones in other major cities.

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