Join us for Tuesday Nights Out!

Have you heard? Richmond Rail supporters put our money where our mouths are!

Every Tuesday for five months — 22 Tuesdays and counting — we are demonstrating our community support for Richmond Avenue businesses and for light rail on Richmond.

This Tuesday, lots of us will be at Maria Selma Mexican Restaurant — dining in groups and individually — to let owner Rene Hidalgo know that we want rail on Richmond in front of his restaurant and we support him, too. Here’s why:

The many wonderful restaurants on lower Richmond Avenue play a big part in making Neartown and Upper Kirby vital places to live and work. Studies show that restaurants are often the first businesses to benefit when rail service begins — rail transit brings hungry customers! But many Richmond restaurant owners are fearful of the disruption created during rail construction.

It’s in our interest to ensure these businesses survive and thrive. Tuesday Nights Out are our way of showing Richmond business owners that RichmondRail supporters are their customers today and will continue to support them throughout construction. When we show up as a group of customers sporting green and white RichmondRail buttons and t-shirts, it sends a powerful message that we support rail and we support their businesses. And we estimate that we have spent more than $10,000 in these restaurants to date, which doesn’t hurt either!

So this Tuesday, consider joining us… for dinner and for rail:

What: Tuesday Nights Out for RichmondRail
When: Tuesday, March 13 between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm
Where: Maria Selma Mexican Restaurant, 1619 Richmond Ave. near Mandell, 77006 (map)

And if our positive approach makes sense to you, consider signing our petition of support for rail on Richmond!

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