What a turnout! What an impact!

RichmondRail supporters at rally
Community support for RichmondRail at Thursday’s rally and town hall meeting was tremendous! What a surprise it must have been for Rep. John Culberson and his anti-rail cohorts to enter a room dominated by RichmondRail supporters, all sporting our message on buttons and t-shirts.

Neighborhood leaders speaking to press
A big thanks to everyone who showed up! Thanks especially to Adra Hooks, Allen Ueckert, Doug Childers, Jay Crossley, Jonathan Paull, Julie Orser Odermatt, Laura Mullen, Michael Massa, and Paul Lester for addressing the media! Thanks also to everyone who helped with signs, buttons, displays, and logistics!

Our mission Thursday night was not to change the Congressman’s views — fat chance! — but to forcefully convey the breadth of support for rail on Richmond, and we did! We captured the attention of Houston media and garnered some great press, including Friday’s Houston Chronicle editorial! We also enjoyed positive coverage from KUHF, KTRH, Fox, and the Examiner. Coverage has continued for a week culminating in the Chronicle’s best article to date: “Culberson’s meeting attracts vocal crowd”! Working together, our message is getting through loud and clear!

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