Neartown neighbors know a good thing

METRO rendering of rail on Richmond at Montrose

Our thanks to everyone who spent Saturday morning getting the word out in Neartown! Unsurprisingly, everyone we talked with in Castle Court and Richwood Place prefers rail on Richmond to Culberson’s elevated backyard option!

rendering of Culberson's backyard rail option
Given a choice between Culberson’s elevated structure that carries trains past without stopping, or METRO’s “Richmond-Cummins” option which will put stations on Richmond to give us easy access to our jobs, homes, schools, shops, museums, and restaurants, the choice is clear.

Our new friends at the dog park get it, too — even our four-legged friends like Frankie! Building rail where the people are just makes more sense.
Frankie wants rail on Richmond
But many in our neighborhoods are still unaware of the options. You can help! Talk to your friends and neighbors. Talk about what we want our neighborhood to be like in the future. And talk about rail on Richmond!

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