Thanks for a great workshop!

More than 70 of us spent Saturday morning hearing the latest about METRO’s six remaining University line options. We were rewarded with fantastic, informative presentations by David Crossley of the Gulf Coast Institute and Christof Spieler of the Citizens’ Transportation Coalition.

They made it clear to all of us that we still have a lot of work to do. Just identifying the most cost-effective alignment — from Richmond to Cummins to Westpark — won’t get it built. The no-build option remains a real threat.

Further, drawing a line in the right place on the map won’t make rail neighborhood-friendly. The devil will be in the details. There are many important decisions yet to be made, like where will the stations be and what will our streetscapes look like?

As Councilmember Peter Brown reminded us, we need to start making a lot of noise if we want to ensure this line gets put in the right place and that the City of Houston and METRO get the details right! Stay involved!

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