Culberson is not listening!

The University Corridor light rail will serve all citizens that live, work, go to school or visit destinations within walking distance of a station. It will also serve all the Houstonians that connect at the Uptown, Main Street and Southeast lines. The University corridor line will be an asset for all of Houston – just like our highways and the Main Street light rail. That’s why the support in the Richmond corridor alone is overwhelming. John Culberson is using a few loud individuals as props in his ongoing campaign to kill urban transit in favor of highways to the suburbs. Meanwhile, he is not listening to the majority of voices that support and will use light rail on Richmond:

He is not listening to 30,000 member (and 21 civic associations) of Neartown Association whose constituents live all around the Richmond corridor and have advocated a Richmond alignment of the University Line

He’s not listening to the Board of the Menil Foundaton that has issued a statement of support for the mandated process and declared Westpark irrelevant. Light rail on Richmond would provide public access for the tens of thousands of visitors to the Menil every year

He is not listening to the owners of Greenway Plaza that have advocated a Richmond alignment over Westpark. Greenway plaza is home to nearly 20,000 workers and residents.

He is not listening to the retailers, major businesses and hotels in the Galleria that long ago voted to put the Uptown light rail line through the heart of the Galleria, on its second busiest street. They get it! Why doesn’t John Culberson?

He is not listening to the dozens of businesses in Neartown represented by the Museum District Business Alliance

He is not listening to the Members of Civic Associations all along the Richmond Corridor (other that Afton Oaks) that support and want rail on Richmond

Culberson’s deceptions are shameful! His intent is to kill urban transit in favor of highways to the suburbs. Talk about ‘rail’ spelled backwards equals ‘liar’. Culberson has been shameless in his presentation of bogus truths and the practice of hypocrisy on a grand scale. The Houston Chronicle got it right in an August 15 editorial:

The Congressman, who once tried to press criminal charges against Metro for an alleged discrepancy in its financial reports, recently wrote to Metro Chairman David Wolff regarding rail on Richmond. In his letter, Culberson claimed that more than 90 percent of the people who lived or worked along Richmond opposed the rail project. But Culberson’s staff could not state the total number of residents, business operators and property owners along Richmond. It is impossible to calculate 90 percent of an unknown quantity. Culberson’s pronouncements regarding the opposition are meaningless.


When he supported the widening of I-10, the Katy Freeway, Culberson paid no attention to the objections of nearby residents. Suburban commuters needed the extra lanes. If scores of businesses had to be sacrificed, so be it.

The marked difference in Culberson’s approach to two transportation projects suggests he is less concerned about neighborhood sanctity than about placing highways above transit.

The beneficiaries and supporters of a Richmond alignment for the University Corridor light rail dwarf the loud but small group of self serving opponents. The concerns of businesses on Richmond should be addressed and mitigated. But Culberson cannot exercise a tyranny of the minority over the entire City of Houston.

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