Community meets at Ervan Chew

Hundreds of residents and concerned citizens gathered at Ervan Chew park on Saturday to discuss developments in the debate over light rail on Richmond. sponsored the event. We invited supporters and members of the Neartown neighborhood to attend. A handful (I counted 4) of citizens opposed to a Richmond alignment were present. Ervan Chew Park is located on the border of the Richwood Place and Castle Court neighborhoods and is one of the parks that could be impacted by a phony light rail alignment suggested by Representative John Culberson and Council Member Anne Clutterbuck.

Overwhelming support for Richmond alignment
Those that gathered were overwhelmingly in favor of a Richmond alignment. They talked about visiting other cities and experiencing convenient and efficient public transit systems. They talked about how Richmond is such an important commercial corridor and all the places it links – that is precisely why the light rail needs to go there!
Some neighbors were concerned about the latest study that METRO is undertaking with the prodding of Congressman Culberson and Council Member Clutterbuck. This alternative route would involve diverting the rail onto the Hwy 59 right of way either at Wheeler Station or somewhere around St. Thomas. Virtually everyone that attended Saturday gathering realizes that this option is a political detour aimed at killing light rail for Houston altogether. Most realize that Culberson has a case of selective hearing with respect to the University Corridor line. He is listening only to a few vocal opponents - because it serves his agenda. It is time for all public officials to hear our voices loud and clear. “We want rail on Richmond!”

Richmond alignment will serve neighborhoods
The University Corridor light rail is an investment for all of Houston – but it will especially benefit the neighborhoods along the corridor – the same neighborhoods that support the businesses that are actually on Richmond. These neighborhoods came out in force on Saturday and they are going to be heard.

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