Culberson Sticks Neck Out-Counter Rally Huge Success

As we expected, John Culberson announced Tuesday that he wants Metro and Mayor White to take a Richmond option off the table. Speaking in front of his anti-rail supporters he spoke about ‘overwhelming opposition’ to a Richmond alignment - clearly ignoring our voices and the voices of thousands of others.

With less than 24 hours to mobilize, generated a phenomenal turnout and showed the Congressman and the media that his actions are an attempt to subvert a local decision and process.

As our numbers built to 40 or more, the anti-rail leaders scrambled to get hired hands to put out signs behind us. As Culberson spoke, we made it clear that support for Richmond Rail is big and getting bigger. Our voices are being heard! Even before yesterday’s successful rally, the Houston Chronicle presented a clear picture of the argument and broad based support for a Richmond alignment.

The day after the rally, the Chronicle highlighted Culberson’s poor judgment in an editorial: “Flawed judgment: Rep. Culberson’s decision to oppose all options for Richmond rail undermines transit interests of both his constituents and the entire city.”

We could not agree more!

August 1 Chronicle Article

Aug 2 Chronicle editorial

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