It’s time for John Culberson to answer some tough questions!

On Tuesday, John Culberson will “announce his decision” regarding the Universities light rail line. How can he presume “to decide” the fate of this line?!? This is not his role in the process, since other local elected officials have that duty, and he knows that. His role only comes into play to ensure Houston gets its desired federal transit funds, and so far Culberson is dropping the ball on that.

Why is John Culberson working with a handful of NIMBYs from just one or two neighborhoods? John Culberson took an oath to represent his entire district, and the Universities rail project will affect all Houstonians. But he’s soley sided with a small group of anti-rail leaders from Afton Oaks. Why?

Why is John Culberson pandering to fear mongerers? Richmond rail opponents continue to claim that rail will hurt traffic while METRO has now shown that NO traffic lanes will be lost and nearly every left turn will remain. Rail opponents have personally terrified small business owners on Richmond with false claims that METRO has now refuted, but Culberson is standing firm.

Why is John Culberson suddenly a new champion of displaced businesses? He personally oversaw the condemnation of more than 480 properties to expand the Katy Freeway — including Courtesy Chevrolet, Ciro’s, 90% of Spring Valley’s commercial tax base, and others — all to “improve mobility.” In contrast, METRO has now shown they can run rail down Richmond to bring urban transit to Greenway Plaza and the Galleria by taking only 8 properties, one of which is vacant and one an “adult” bookstore, but Culberson “won’t let that happen.” Why???

Why won’t Culberson support urgently-needed urban transit for central Houston? Two weeks ago, Culberson’s House committee awarded $700 million to Dallas for another 45 miles of light rail, doubling the size of their system. But back in Houston, Culberson co-chaired Texans for True Mobility which fought the METRO referendum and he has failed to deliver the federal funds Houston is depending on.

John Culberson represents our Congressional district and we’re depending on him to fund this rail expansion project. Culberson clearly owes his constituents some good explanations. We promise to be at his press event Tuesday to do some asking!

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