Houstonians want rail on Richmond!

It’s true! We asked you to sign our online petition to show your support for rail on Richmond. In just two weeks, more than 700 Houstonians have signed up!

We told you that we would make sure your voices are being heard. So we just sent all of the petitions to METRO, Mayor White, Judge Eckels, Rep. Culberson, and all of the relevant elected officials at the city, county, state, and federal levels. We introduced them with this letter:

Mr. David S. Wolff, METRO, Mr. Frank Wilson, METRO, Members of the METRO board

Mr. John Culberson, Ms. Sheila Jackson Lee, Ms. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Mr. John Cornyn, Mr. Garnet Coleman, Ms. Martha Wong, Mr. Bill White, Mayor, Ms. Anne Clutterbuck, Ms. Ada Edwards, Ms.Pam Holm, Mr. Robert Eckels, Mr. El Franco Lee, Ms. Sylvia Garcia, Mr. Steve Radack, Mr. Jerry Eversole

Dear Mr. Wolff and Mr. Wilson:

In just 15 days, more than 700 Houstonians have signed their support for this clear statement:

“I support neighborhood-friendly light rail on Richmond Avenue.”

We are residents, business owners, workers, and students living and working on or near Richmond Avenue. We are civic leaders and professionals with a stake in Houston’s quality of life and economic vitality. We are landowners and institutions with a specific interest in the long term health of Richmond Avenue. And we want light rail on Richmond.

We want to preserve and enhance the quality of life and vitality of our neighborhoods, businesses, and institutions. We want to ensure the long term quality and success of our neighborhoods through the addition of light rail along Richmond Avenue from Main Street to its connection with the Uptown line and beyond.

Houston will not have a healthy and vital future without a mass transportation system that is built where the people, places, and destinations are. RichmondRail.org will be fighting for rail on Richmond and for solutions that maximize the benefit for all citizens - and minimize the negative impacts on businesses and neighborhoods in the corridor.

In the coming weeks, we will be signing up thousands more residents, institutions, and businesses along the Richmond corridor that support a Richmond alignment. The more than 700 Houstonians listed with this letter are just a taste of the broad based support for and logic of a Richmond rail alignment.

We expect METRO to thoroughly study and expertly design the Richmond alignment. We expect our local elected leaders to support it. And we expect our Congressional representatives to fund it.


Doug Childers, Chair

We even faxed the whole stack of names — all 46 pages — to Rep. Culberson’s office in Washington!

Culberson keeps telling everyone that he won’t let METRO build rail anywhere the people don’t want it. The more petitions we get, the harder it will be for Culberson to claim that no one wants rail on Richmond!

Can you help us build our base? Ask your friends, neighbors, and coworkers to sign the RichmondRail petition, either online or on paper. And ask them to do it soon!

Thanks to everyone who already signed the petition.

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