We are a group of residents, business owners, and others who live, work, study, or spend time along Richmond in Neartown and Greenway Plaza. We love this neighborhood, its residential streets, its varied businesses, its restaurants, its stores, its art galleries, its cultural institutions, its trees. And we’d love to have a better way to get around it.
METRO is studying options for an east-west rail light rail line that would serve UH, TSU, the Third Ward, Neartown, and Greenway Plaza. This is part of a system that would link all these areas to Post Oak, Downtown, the Medical Center, the Museum District, and Reliant Park. We want those trains to stop in our neighborhood so we can ride them and get around without worrying about traffic or parking.
We believe a well-designed rail line will improve our neighborhood. We’re concerned about green space, traffic, flooding, safety, and the impact of construction on businesses. But we know there are ways to deal with these issues.
We’ve been watching for months as rail opponents have gone from expressing valid concerns — concerns that can and must be dealt with — to spreading hyperbole and misinformation. They don’t speak for us, and we want our voice to be heard, too.
We don’t work for METRO. We’re voters and taxpayers, so METRO works for us. We want rail on Richmond, and we want it done right, with stations in the right places, with landscaping that will make our street more, not less, attractive, and with good connections to the rest of the city. We will insist on that.
You will hear more from us as time goes by. And we’d love to hear from you, and to see you at public meetings. Email us at turnout@richmondrail.org with your questions or comments and to join our mailing list.

One Response to “Welcome!”

  1. Laurence Simon Says:

    Suggestion: provide tallies of bus routes along Richmond compared to Westpark (which doesn’t even run on Sundays).

    Also, tape an ordinary person walking in the heat of the evening sun walking from points along Westpark where stations are likely to be and likely spots on Richmond they’d be going to. Is there a definitive way to measure flop-sweat and risk of getting mugged by a Southwest Freeway underpass troll?