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Great news! Rep. Culberson no longer on Transportation subcommittee

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

Early in 2006, Congressman John Culberson urged his constituents to contact him with our views about rail on Richmond. Even though he has repeatedly declared his personal opposition, we know many RichmondRail supporters have dutifully written Rep. Culberson to urge him to support rail on Richmond. We also know many of you were disappointed to be rebuffed by Culberson’s indifferent form letter reply.

As recently as March 29, Rep. Culberson has told constituents that:

“I have a responsibility to the Houston region to help improve our entire transportation network as the only Texan on the Transportation Appropriations Subcommittee.”

But here’s the surprise: it turns out that since January 11th, Culberson is NOT on the Transportation subcommittee anymore. He’s now just one minority member out of 66 on the Appropriations committee, which should severely constrain his attempts to hijack the federal transit planning process! See this press release for details.

Freshman Texas Congressman Ciro Rodriguez has replaced Culberson on the House Appropriations Transportation subcommittee. And three other Texans — Chet Edwards, Kay Granger, and John Carter — all serve on Appropriations, too. It cannot hurt for us to let each of them know that we need their help. When Federal Transit eventually awards funding to METRO for rail on Richmond (because it will serve the most people for the lowest cost), we are counting on their Appropriations committee to approve it, in spite of their colleague’s hangups.