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METRO narrows the options

Saturday, December 23rd, 2006

For six months, METRO has studied more than 50 University line options — most proposed by the public — to assess their cost and ridership potential. All of them run from Wheeler Station on Main Street to the Hillcroft Transit Center on Westpark.

On December 21, 2006, the METRO board narrowed it down to three options. They will continue to analyze these three options until their March 2007 publication of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS):

  • Richmond to Cummins to Westpark
  • Richmond to Greenway Plaza Drive A to Westpark
  • Culberson’s option: Richmond to Montrose to 59’s north lip to Kirby to Westpark

Of these, the Richmond-to-Cummins-to-Westpark option brings the highest ridership at the lowest cost. This alignment works the best because it:

  • Stays on Richmond far enough west to serve both Neartown (including U. St. Thomas and the Menil) and Greenway Plaza very well
  • Has a good connection to the Galleria via the Uptown line
  • Shifts to Westpark to serve Gulfton, the densest residential neighborhood in the entire city
  • Costs $100 million less than our idea of continuing all-the-way-down Richmond to Sage before heading over to the Hillcroft Transit Center

We have been asking METRO to put the University line where the people are, and this line would do just that!

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