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Wednesday, November 1st, 2006

Oops! We somehow overlooked this story about us when it ran on the front page of the Houston Business Journal back in August:

City Beat
Rail PAC forms to get Richmond on right track
Houston Business Journal - August 4, 2006

Adversaries of light rail on Richmond Avenue have been very vocal in their opposition.

Now a new group is making noise from the other side of the tracks. is a political action committee created by activists who want the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County to route rail along Richmond from Main Street to the Galleria area.

The PAC has gathered at least 1,200 signatures in support of rail on Richmond, saying this is the most logical path to serve people and businesses with this sort of mass transit.

Foes of a Richmond alignment for the University Line claim a protracted construction schedule will disrupt neighborhoods, hurt future mobility and damage commerce in the area. board member Dan Barnum doesn’t agree.

“Their fears are not founded,” says Barnum, a principal of Hall Barnum Lucchesi Architects.

The pro-Richmond PAC founders teamed up while working on rail issues in other capacities. They join the fray after weeks of debate as a final decision prepares to come down the track.

The PAC is making up for lost time in a visible way by posting signs that say “Where the people are: Yes to rail on Richmond!”

Many of those signs have been taken down, say organizers, apparently by the anti-rail folks.

“We just put out more,” says Barnum.

Metro is expected to have a final recommendation on the University Line’s alignment on Aug. 8.

The Federal Transit Authority is expected to make a decision on funding the rail line by the end of 2007. - Jennifer Dawson

Thanks to Dan for working with HBJ to get this story out, and thanks to all of the rail supporters who are hosting yard signs and talking to friends and neighbors! There are still thousands of Houstonians who don’t understand why rail on Richmond makes good sense, so keep up the good work!